Ergonomics Programme

What can on-site ergonomists do for your company?

  • Implement and maintain the ergonomics process, identify and reduce ergonomic risk factors with cost-effective workplace improvements by conducting ergonomic evaluations, prioritize and implement solutions, and evaluate effectiveness.
  • Implement and maintain an early intervention process to uncover early warning signs of musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries and prevent them from happening.
  • Develop educational programmes to ensure employees have sufficient resources on ergonomics available to them.
  • Be involved in an office move and office design to ensure all future workspaces are suitable and meet the needs of the users.

How often would the Ergonomist come on-site?

Our ergonomics services are tailor-made and flexible to the needs of your company/office. We would work with you to find out what your company’s needs are and, from there, determine the frequency required.

What are some of the services the Ergonomist would provide?

  • Ergonomics programme management
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Job and task analysis
  • Office audit and risk assessment
  • On-site ergonomics evaluations for local staff
  • Ergonomist on-site visits to regional offices
  • Evaluations through video conferencing for staff in regional offices
  • On-site ergonomist for office moves planning and the first day of business (FDOB)
  • Educational sessions
  • Procurement and consultancy on new office design
  • Development of Wellness programme with ergonomics support in regional offices
  • Development of Office Wellness Programme
  • Development of Ergonomist Liaison Programme
  • Provide educational resources and talks on preventing musculoskeletal disorders, ergonomics, and wellness.


  • Can we request for the ergonomist to come on specific dates and /or times which suit us?
  • How long will the Ergonomist spend with each employee if 1:1 evaluation is required?
  • Can you be part of our workplace safety day or workplace wellness day?
  • We are planning an office move and require ergonomics advice, at what point should we engage your services?
  • How frequently should we consider engaging with your services?
  • Do you follow up with our employees after their evaluations?
  • We want to provide our employees with ergonomics advice, but we have limited budget for equipment etc. Do you have a solution?

Yes, all our packages are tailor-made and we will work with you to identify and meet your requirements

Again, this can be tailormade to your requirement. If you opt for an in-depth assessment with each employee this will take approximately 30 minutes. Alternatively, the Ergonomist can provide a ‘sweep’ service. This is where a ‘’check-in’’ with each employee takes place.

Yes. An on-site ergonomist can provide interactive seminars on Ergonomics in the workplace, give demonstrations and provide employees with ergonomics evaluations. This fits in well with both workplace wellbeing and safety in the workplace. The content of our seminars can be designed in collaboration with you to ensure they fit with your companies values and goals.

As early as possible, from designing the layout of the office space to the procurement of equipment we can provide you with advice. You may opt to have us on site for the first day of business to provide employees with a personalised assessment of their new workspace.

For new employees, those who have moved to a new desk or anyone who has started to use new equipment, an ergonomics evaluation can be beneficial and ensure that the employee gets the most out of their workspace and equipment. It is also recommended to provide employees with regular refreshers on best ergonomics practices within the workplace, this is to reduce the risk of injury and ensure ongoing productivity.

Yes, we follow up with everyone via email 2 weeks post their evaluation. At this point, if there are ongoing issues, we will seek to resolve this over email as possible. In some cases, further support is required.

Yes, all our services are designed in collaboration with the client. This is specific to your needs and budget. We will work with you to implement a cost-effective method of providing ergonomics support.

Other Services

We provide a variety of ergonomic services on a global scale to support the creation of effective and impactful ergonomic and wellness strategies for your organization.