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Ergonomics in Massachusetts

Our tools and services supports employers and their employees who work at home or in the office to optimise wellness and increase productivity

Fit For Work provides a wide range of preventative and proactive services on a global scale. Our tailored and scalable services are designed to support the creation of effective and impactful strategies for your organisation.

We have a fully customisable ergonomic software system designed to streamline your ergonomics initiatives. With its self-guided ergonomic assessment module, it can give you insights into the risk factors in your workplace. It has a huge global network of ergonomists, allowing for language customisation. Our ergonomists will work with you from identifying ergonomic solutions to implementing and managing them to ensure optimum benefits.

It is our mission to engage people in a conversation about how to improve the quality of their workplace, educate them on what ergonomics can do for them and improve their working experience. Our ultimate goal is to assist organisations around the world in reducing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). As of 2019, about 1.71 billion people suffer from musculoskeletal disorders worldwide. By reducing MSDs in your workplace, you could promote productivity.

Our qualified and experienced ergonomists have a wide range of skill sets for handling any situation. They are available for an online or in-person consultation. Prevention is key to any work-related injuries. Let us work together to identify the best solutions for your ergonomic needs.


ErgoEval Tool

ErgoEval Tool

This fully customizable platform is the cornerstone of an ergonomics program. The user is led through an education-focused workstation evaluation and receives a detailed report with the potential risk of injury, recommended items and an action plan. After an agreed interval, a follow-up questionnaire is provided to the employee to understand if further assistance is required. The admin dashboard provides comprehensive information and reporting with an integrated risk management and procurement module.

A reliable and well-built software system can make or break your ergonomic initiatives.

ErgoEval is a simple yet effective fully customisable ergonomics software system capable of supporting companies with either single or multiple locations. It is a complete workplace ergonomic platform with everything you need to succeed in your programme.

The ErgoEval is built to mimic an evaluation carried out by an ergonomist. It is a holistic ergonomic strategy that has the following attributes:

  • Legally compliant
  • Cost-effective
  • Practical & simple to implement
  • Cover both the office environment and working from home
  • Delivers long-term benefits for both the worker and the organisation
  • Consistent, high-level global offering

Our software runs an analysis of all assessments and provides recommendations for an action plan.

Designed to help reduce work-related injuries for in-office and remote employees, our software is a great investment for your company. It offers long-term benefits which include reduced workplace injuries, improved employee engagement and increased productivity. It can help prevent musculoskeletal injuries early on.

ErgoEval has a well-designed user interface that makes navigation easier. It has built-in strong data protection to help secure your privacy. If you need help, we also provide excellent user support, 24/7.

Take advantage of our software features including self-assessment modules, educational resources and a comprehensive reporting dashboard for best results.

What services can we provide for your business?

The ErgoEval Tool is a fully customisable Web-based application designed to be the foundation of an ergonomics programme. Some of its notable features include language customisation, a comprehensive reporting dashboard, and 24/7 user support. It also allows users to complete a personalised assessment and access educational resources about proper ergonomics. It is unrivalled among other ergonomic analysis tools as it is backed by a global network of experienced ergonomists.

Check our Services page for more details.

Knowledge is key to having a safe and efficient workplace. Employers and employees need to be aware of the different ergonomic concepts to easily recognise, assess and manage risk factors. If you need an advisor to facilitate online or in-person ergonomic training, you’ve come to the right place. Our training services are designed to reduce the occurrence and recurrence of work-related injuries.

Check our Services page for more details.

Every company needs to take action to improve the safety and well-being of employees in the workplace. We offer Ergonomic Programme Management services to assist every organisation in this effort. Our ergonomists will support you at every stage of your ergonomics programme from design to implementation and management. We can help you get the best results.

Check our Services page for more details.

We take the individual approach every time as it allows for customisation of solutions to adapt to your employees’ needs. Our certified ergonomists conduct a one-on-one ergonomic assessment to gather information such as workstation measurements, habits, nature of work, and daily office routines. Personalised ergonomic assessments allow us to find the best solution that matches your employees’ circumstances.

Check our Services page for more details.

Prevent injuries and accidents before they happen by taking advantage of our Ergonomic Risk Management services. We’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of your workplace to identify areas that could potentially cause injuries and provide you with recommendations for improvement. Our goal is not only to improve employee well-being but also to avoid lawsuits and stay compliant with regulations.

Check our Services page for more details.

Make your manufacturing floor a safer workplace by taking advantage of our ergonomic services. Ergonomics consultations are a must in industrial settings as there are many risks associated with manufacturing processes. Our programme meets industry standards and legislative requirements and is designed to reduce manufacturing-related injuries. We customise our services to meet your needs.

Check our Services page for more details.

Need another ergonomics or wellness related service?

Contact us to receive a full list of bespoke services which will meet your company needs and help to reduce your ergonomic risk

Partner with us to boost the physical and mental health of your employees through our full range of exciting and interactive activities. Our Wellness Event Organisation services are designed to assist employers develop and organise events that will improve employee engagement. We have a good selection of themed activities that can be a great addition to your ergonomic programme.

Check our Services page for more details.

Our Ergonomists

Work with clients all over the world. Our specialists are ready to support your company and its branches in every country.

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Our Clients and Testimonials


Fit for Work has been an excellent and essential partner for Airbnb's ergonomics program over the past year and a half. We are a demanding customer and Fit for Work has been flexible, responsive and has delivered quality work consistently

Global Health And Safety Manager - Airbnb
Ergonomics Programe Management

Fit for Work has been an excellent and essential partner for Airbnb's ergonomics program over the past year and a half. We are a demanding customer and Fit for Work has been flexible, responsive and has delivered quality work consistently

Junior HR Advisor - BBC
Corporate Ergonomics Self-Evaluation Programme

Useful and good value for money

HSSE Technical Systems Coordinator - JGC
In-Person Talk

The talk was engaging, interactive and informative

Founder - Me the Customer and I
Ergonomics Programme Management
Project Specialist - SEEQUENT
Global Webinar Series

The webinar was very well received by the employees, with extremely helpful takeaways

Ministry of Transport, Singapore
New Hire Orientation

Moderator talks and paces herself well. Explains in a manner which is easy to understand and seems well versed in ergonomics

Regional Facilities Manager - Afterpay
Corporate Ergonomics Self-Evaluation Programme

Fit For Work helped build our ergonomics program by customising assessments for our team. By doing so, our team have the option to have their home working area assessed and then receive tips on how to optimise their working from home set up

Associate HSE Director

I would like to say thank you for participating in our APAC Safety Week 2020. We exceeded the capacity and reached over 1k during the webinar and had an overwhelming response from all our APAC employees. Some of the positive feedback received already was the exercises and the interactive approach of the session and this was very much appreciated as most of us are working from home

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a cost-effective programme with a guaranteed return on investment?

Look no further. We build a programme that meets your budget and company needs. No matter your budget, we can support you and your employees to ensure that everyone receives quality ergonomics support to reduce the risk of injury and reap all the benefits of ergonomic input.

What industries do we support?

Every industry. If you work on a computer at any part of your working day, we can support you. Our clients range from tech, oil and gas, finance/banking, legal, retail, pharmaceutical, manufacturing to travel / hospitality, education and healthcare.

How are we supporting companies transitioning to the 'new normal'?

In short, with flexibility and incredible collaboration with our clients. But in a few more words; by proactively supporting employers and employees in whatever situation they are in today and preparing for what situation they might be in tomorrow. With supporting clients all over the world, we are acutely aware of the different circumstances individuals will be working in for the foreseeable future and with this, we support global programmes by making them relevant on a local level.

Can Fit for Work support an ergonomics programme already in place?

Yes of course. We are flexible and our Ergonomists will support the programme already in place. We work with many companies who may already have a programme rolled out in the USA and are looking for global support. We will work very closely with your current providers and ensure that we are supporting the programme to ensure that all of your employees are receiving the same high-level service no matter where they are physically located.

What makes our Ergonomics Self-Assessment and Ergonomics tool different?

Apart from being fully customisable, our tool is built to, as much as is feasibly possible, replicate the in-person evaluation experience with education being at the very core of the tool. We use non-complicated imagery to improve user understanding and engagement and provide immediate responses and recommendations to encourage the user to make changes there and then to their setup while also educating the user to make long-term behavioural changes. The tool also provides fully customised education videos and e-learning, a comprehensive management dashboard, and a full risk management process.

What makes us different?

We have a global network of highly qualified and experienced Ergonomists ready to support your ergonomics programme both in-person and virtual. We have offices in Ireland and in Singapore which gives us a unique understanding of global requirements.

The ultimate ergonomics question 'Which is more important: equipment or education?'

Education, education, education! Our mission is 'To engage people in a conversation about how to improve the quality of their working life, educate on what ergonomics can do for them and elevate their working experience.' Yes, equipment has an important role but with knowing 'why' and 'how', the individual can self assess their own situation and make the decisions to support their setup long term. We put education at the forefront of what we do!

As an ergonomic consulting firm, we take pride in helping thousands of customers worldwide across different sectors. Our team of experts is always available to jump in and assist you. We try to understand your unique situation and develop solutions that meet your needs. If you are curious to know more about us, feel free to explore our frequently asked questions or get in touch with us.