Planning to take time out of your day to complete some mindfulness or meditation is a good way to look after your health during this stressful time. It is important that we prioritise our wellness and sleep in an effort to stay healthy during the current COVID-19 outbreak. If you are currently trying to manage a busy work from home schedule, taking five minutes daily to yourself, may take some planning. But, it is worthwhile.


Along with helping to manage stress and anxiety, mindfulness can help improve your productivity at work. If you are new to mindfulness or meditation, it can be difficult to know where to start. Using an online resource such as an app to guide you through is a good solution.


Here are some meditation apps to try out.


Simple habit

This app provides guided meditations of varying durations, start off with a five-minute guided meditation. There are also options for coaching and motivational guides. This app is free to download with the option of in-app purchases. It is available from both Apple Store and Google Play



Calm provides guided meditation sessions ranging from three minutes to 25 minutes. This app allows you to choose your focus for each session. This app is free to download, with options for in-app purchases. Calm is available from both  Apple Store and Google Play.



This app provides a wide variety of resources such as guided meditations, mindfulness training, and breathing exercises.  Headspace is available on a free trial basis, subsequently, there is a monthly subscription fee. It is available from Apple Store and Google Play


The Mindfulness App

The mindfulness app offers an initial introduction to meditation resource. There are various timed meditation sessions and options for meditation reminders and mindful notices. This app is free to download and provides a free trial. There are options for in-app purchases and premium subscriptions. Available from the Apple Store and Google Play


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