Mindfulness means paying attention to the present. It is important to practice mindfulness to improve concentration and reduce stress. If you find yourself currently working from home, it can be tempting to spend endless hours reading through social media and news reports detailing COVID-19. It is understandable that the uncertainty facing us can be a cause of more stress and anxiety. It is important that we all take some time for ourselves, to ensure we stay calm and healthy.


Here are some easy tips to help you practice mindfulness.



It is challenging to slow down your thoughts, particularly when we are overwhelmed with so much global news at present. Deep breathing techniques can help to direct your attention away.


Each day, take even five minutes to yourself to sit in a quiet area, free from distractions. Close your eyes and focus on taking deep breaths. Become aware of your breathing as you breathe in and out.


When you are working at the office, I’m sure you don’t have tabs open on your phone constantly. This should be the same when working from home. Be strict on yourself with this and if possible place your phone away from where you are working. Focus only on the task you are doing right now.



Make sure that you are taking time to completely get away from technology. Turn off your computer, TV and put down your phone. Why not take some time to read a book or bake your favorite recipe? Whatever activity you choose to do, focus only on that task for a while.



Consider what and when you are going to eat. Eating is an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Sometimes when working from home it can be tempting to eat meals at random times and have snacks in between. However, by eating healthily and taking time to focus just on your food, it is an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Put your phone down and close your laptop while you eat.



If you are permitted and able to get outside and maintain social distance, this is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. Focus on how your body feels as you walk. Focus on your surroundings. Practice being in the moment as you move.

There are unlimited opportunities to practice mindfulness throughout the day. Challenge yourself to incorporate this into your daily routine and empower yourself to find balance and positivity at this challenging time.



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