Office Moves & First Day Of Business

What support can an Ergonomist provide after an office move?

On-site support for the first day of business and office moves. The Ergonomist can perform ergonomic office sweeps include attending to each employee. During this time the Ergonomist can help each person to set up their workstation.

Why have an Ergonomist for your office move or the first day of business?

The benefits of this include assisting employees to set up in a neutral posture to prevent the development of any musculoskeletal skeletal disorders because of poor posture. General education on the importance of ergonomics can reduce the likelihood of employees experiencing pain or discomfort while working at their desks.

What is an office sweep?

Office sweeps involve a brief ergonomic assessment of each workstation within the workplace aimed at preventing issues before they arise.


  • Can we work with you prior to our office move?
  • Do you recommend furniture or equipment frequently?
  • We have a budget for our office move, can we work with you to make this cover furniture, equipment, and ergonomics support?
  • Can all employees receive ergonomic advice on the first day of business?
  • What is the benefit of having an Ergonomist on-site for the first day of business?

Yes. We can provide you with advice on office layout, furniture, and equipment for your new office space. This can take some planning so working with us prior to your move works well.

We work with you on this prior to evaluating employees’ workstations. This means that our Ergonomists are aware of any set equipment or furniture list as provided by you. If you do not wish for equipment to be recommended, our Ergonomists will work with the furniture and equipment the employee already has, to optimise their existing workstation. For first day of business or an office move, we will ensure that anything which is recommended has been agreed upon previously.

We can collaborate with you on this and provide a tailormade service to fit your needs which ensures an optimal working environment for your employees.

Yes, we will plan this with you according to the size of your workforce and your requirements. However, we have options such as ‘’office sweeps’’- whereby each employee receives a brief assessment and instruction on their workstation. A group session is also another option here.

Having an Ergonomist onsite can ensure that all employees are advised on ergonomic principles and have their desk spaces set up appropriately. By doing this on the first day of business, you are taking a proactive approach to reducing risk of injury and promoting productivity within the workplace.

Other Services

We provide a variety of ergonomic services on a global scale to support the creation of effective and impactful ergonomic and wellness strategies for your organisation.