How can Fit for Work assist with your procurement process?

Fit for Work can source, procure and manage the ergonomic furniture and accessories for your offices globally. We can also work alongside project, retail estate, facilities and/or EHS teams during the design and procurement phase of any project. Our advice ensures that any office furniture and accessories being considered for office moves, renovations and new office sites meets the users’ needs. By considering the importance of ergonomics within the design phase, the risk of costly procurement mistakes is reduced.

By applying an ergonomics approach within your procurement process, we can ensure it:

  • Meets ergonomics and health and safety standards.
  • Is cost effective

Development of preferred product list

By performing an unbiased objective analysis of any furniture being considered, Fit for Work can assist in working out what furniture and accessories would best meet the needs of your staff and, from there, develop the preferred product list for your office. Fit for Work has no affiliation with any furniture or accessory supplier.


  • We have not defined a budget or identified a supplier, can you help us with this?
  • Can you direct us on where to get any equipment or furniture you recommend?
  • We have a specific supplier we would like to use for any equipment recommendations, is this ok?
  • We are limited to only using the equipment we have within the office, is this ok?

Yes, we can work with you to identify what features etc you require, this will be around the demands of your employee’s roles.

Yes, we can help you find a provider for the equipment or we can arrange to procure the equipment for you. This can be discussed and agreed prior to completing evaluations.

Yes, this works for us.

Yes, we work with each employee to maximise the use of what they already have at their workstation.

Other Services

We provide a variety of ergonomic services on a global scale to support the creation of effective and impactful ergonomic and wellness strategies for your organisation.